Are Retail Businesses Missing a Link?

Delivering Information at the Point of Need

Are Retail Businesses Missing a Link?

Are Retail Businesses Missing a Link?

Are Retail Businesses Missing a Link?

Traditional Retailers are losing sales to the Internet EVERYDAY.  It’s not that the world is changing… it has already CHANGED.

It seems that each day brings more news of another High Street Retailer suffering. Just this week House of Fraser have announced plans of a ‘restructure’ which could result in stores closing and a risk to hundreds of peoples jobs.  We’ve all heard the reasons before, unseasonal weather, poor Christmas results, rising overheads…Oh and the rising effect of Online sales.

The Office of National Statistics show that Online sales in the UK are currently tracking at 16% of all retail sales and this figure is predicted to be well over 20% by 2020… that’s one in five products being sold, will be sold online.

One of the things this means for Retailers (especially with the purchase of larger ticket priced items) are being used more often as a ‘showroom’ where the customer can touch, play, ask questions about an item before taking that information out of the store to place an order.

ansatag at retail

51% of UK ecommerce now happens via Mobile

As frustrating as this practice can be for Retailers, the fact remains that this is now the norm.  The only change will be an increasing number of people who shop this way.

The ‘missed trick’ for Retail is not to ignore this trend but to embrace it and reward it.  AnsaTAG offers a way of ‘delivering information – right at the point of need’. Allowing the customer to show an interest in an item and offering the store a chance to engage with the customer whilst they are in front of the product. It works by giving the customer a connection straight to their phone. By using QR (Quick Response) codes or NFC (Near Field Communication) this allows customers access to instant and relevant information straight to their mobile phone.

The message can be anything, for example:-

  • A short video from the brand owner describing the benefits of the product
  • A suitable sales message from the store ‘buy this product from us and we’ll guarantee the best price in the region’ or ‘free delivery if ordered today’ … allowing the retailer to engage and reward their customer
  • It could simply be an SMS message offering the customer a ‘free instore coffee to consider the purchase’

The point being that if you remove the doubt the customers have about the best deal for the product… you start winning hearts and minds for the current item and also for possible future purchases.

The programmed response to the customer needs to be Relevant and Responsive… AnsaTAG works from a dynamic platform which means you can change or add information QUICKLY. This offers the Retailer the best option to be reactive instore. This platform can be run within a single store or at a National level… it can even be used for timed promotions that only run at a certain time of day.

A key advantage is that you are opening a conversation with the customer that benefits all sides.  Each AnsaTAG is unique to the Retailer and the Product and is a great way of driving sales by turning a considered purchase into a sale.

If you want support in growing your sales – simply and efficiently, then please get in touch with the team at AnsaTAG.

Phone: +44 207 129 7815 or text the word “ansa” to +447537416047 and we will call you back.



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